Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quick Page Album & A Layout

Hey all! So, in addition to the designing I've been doing, I have also been creating some quick pages for another designer. My first quick page album is complete!

This coordinates with the Funshine kit by Calico Designs. Click the photo to view/buy the Quickpage album. Click here to see the whole Funshine Kit, and click here to visit the Calico Designs blog.

I'm happy, cuz I MADE it! And it's in a store! That's a step in the right direction, eh?

Also Christine, the woman behind Calico Designs, did me he favor of sharing another lovely layout with me. She made this with my Budding Artist kit:

So is everyone enjoying my Budding Artist kit? I'd love to see some layouts! Send them my way! :)


SarahB said...

The quickpages look great! And the layout is so cute--I really must get scrapping!

ScrappinMom said...

Your work is awesome - can't believe you're just getting started!!! So glad I found your page. You mentioned if we needed something . . . :) I too live in Colorado and took the kids to Bellview Park today - you know, petting zoo,wading in the stream, train ride. Lots of sun, green and fun. Any ideas for a kit there?

Digital Daisy said...

scrappinmom - thanks so much for the compliments!
I am pretty new to CO and haven't been to Bellview Park... but it sounds like a great idea for a kit and I will most definitely keep it in mind!! First I have to finish up the one I'm working on... ;)


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